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Using Rack::Session in conjunction with async_sinatra's aroute methods doesn't seem to be possible. I gather this is because async_sinatra raises :async before the session middleware has a chance to modify necessary headers, but this seems like a common problem. Is there any way to make this work without rewriting the session middleware? Am I overlooking something obvious?

require "sinatra/async"

class AsyncTest < Sinatra::Base
  register Sinatra::Async

  enable :sessions

  aget "/foo" do
    session[:message] = "Hello World!"
    body "foo: #{session[:message]}"

  aget "/bar" do
    body "bar: #{session[:message]}"

  run! if app_file == $0

Visiting /foo renders "foo: Hello World!" as expected, but /bar renders "bar: ", causing frowns all around town. What to do? Is this just impossible?

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You have to call the session middleware before the body call:

aget "/bar" do
  message = session[:message]
  body "bar: #{message}"
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