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I've been working with the filepicker api for the past day or so - trying to wrap my head around mimetype validation when using the pick method. I'd like to only support uploading epub files, which have the mimetype : 'application/epub+zip'. However, whenever I use this as the only supported mimetype in filepicker, I get the following error :

The page can only support a application/epub zip/*

It seems to be interpreting the '+' inside of the string as a space. Any advice on how to fix this, or validate epub files properly would be appreciated!

Edit : I found a way around this by using 'extension' instead - and adding {extension : '.epub'}. This will work, as I can just set the maxSize to be some reasonable number, and perform some validation server-side (and deleting the file from s3 if it isn't actually an epub). If someone figures out how to do it properly with the mimetype that would be awesome though!

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Glad you got it to work with extension, one way with mimetype might be to urlencode the + to be %2B

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