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I am writing an application where I am pushing notifications to the client from the server. If server pushes many notification messages to the user, I see that there are multiple app notification icons in the notification bar(where there are other icons such as battery, connectivity etc) are displayed. I want to limit it one but I still want to retain notifications in the notification drawer(in pull down pane).

I tried canceling notificationManager.cancel(int id), but it removes notification from the the notification drawer along with notification bar. Is there any extra flag or any api to get around this?


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Have a look at Stack Your notifications section: You are not supposed to create multiple separate notifications in the pull-down menu it is against the android design guidelines. – lahsrah Nov 27 '12 at 1:49

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You can update the notification content. Here are the docs to do it

This is what the SMS/Whatsapp/gmail does. If there's only one message, they display it's content, otherwise they would display the amount of unread messages and or the number of people who wrote them. The point is that they only have one notification on the status bar, and they keep using the same one until the user goes in the app.

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