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I'm not sure whether one of my formulas are wrong, I placed something in the wrong area, or I'm missing something completely. But when I run the prog. It would add up the prices of meals from a previous table of customers, instead of resetting for each new table. Any help?

int main ()
  //These are the variables used for the formulas and inputs.
  int people, counter;
  float price, subtotal, tip, tax, total;
  cout<<"How many people are at the table?" <<endl;
  //Use a while statement to start a loop
  while (people!=0)
  //Use a for statement inside the while to make a nested loop. It will ask the price of each meal.
  for(counter=1; counter<=people; counter++)
      cout<<"How much is the meal?: " <<endl;
      if (people<5)

  //This is the final output for the program. Which will be the bill.
  cout<<setprecision(2) <<fixed;
  cout<<setw(20)<<"Subtotal: " <<"$" <<subtotal <<endl;
  cout<<setw(20)<<"Sales Tax: " <<"$" <<tax <<endl;
  cout<<setw(20)<<"Tip: " <<"$" <<tip <<endl;
  cout<<setw(20)<<"Total: " <<"$" <<total <<endl;
  cout<<" " <<endl;
  cout<<setw(20)<<"How many people are at the table?" <<endl;

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You want to reset all your variables to 0 inside the while loop and just before the for, especially subtotal

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Just curious, is there any other way to do this? – user1804751 Nov 27 '12 at 2:00
You could also define your variables only within the while loop. Make sure you use default values to initialize – Karthik T Nov 27 '12 at 2:14

Looks like a beginner's code (-:

Not initializing your variables is very bad programming, especially in C++. You MUST do that (on variables creation)!! FYI: Not initialized = contains garbage (undefined value).

You should change subtotal+=price; to subtotal=price;

and total=tax+subtotal+tip; to total+=tax+subtotal+tip;

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Try using this instead of for loops

int counter = 1; // Don't forget to declare variables

while ( counter <= people ) {

// use your price formulas here

cout<< your desired outputs <<endl;
counter++;             // Update counter so the condition can be met eventually


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