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Most of my HAML works just fine, but the following line...

%td= { |r| link_to(, r)}.join(', ')


  &lt;a href=&quot;/roles/1&quot;&gt;admin&lt;/a&gt;

...when naturally I want it to return...

  <a href='/roles/1'>

The following does not fix the situation:

%td= { |r| link_to(, r).html_safe}.join(', ')

What should I do?


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Have you tried the html_safe after the join instead? – 244an Nov 27 '12 at 2:25
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%td= { |r| link_to(, r)}.join(', ').html_safe

Be careful about having all this logic in the view, though. You can accomplish a similar goal either by rendering a partial for each item in a collection, or by creating a helper method for you. It would read much cleaner as:

%td= role_links_for_user


= render user.roles
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