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I am trying to teach myself java, and found this project online but I can't figure out how to properly put it together. I'm wondering if anyone can help me set up the double array that will ultimately allow me to compare the user input (EX: A1) to whatever the value of that piece is.

GAMEPLAY: Menu Comes up. User enters 1 to play. 2 to exit. Game board appears, Looks like this. Behind each box is a letter (a-h)

    A  B  C  D 
    -  -  -  - 
1 | .  .  .  . 
2 | .  .  .  . 
3 | .  .  .  . 
4 | .  .  .  . 

Then user enters a spot (EX: A1). The board appears with the random letter showing.

    A  B  C  D 
    -  -  -  - 
1 | b  .  .  . 
2 | .  .  .  . 
3 | .  .  .  . 
4 | .  .  .  . 

Then it asks again. (EX: user enters C3)

    A  B  C  D 
    -  -  -  - 
1 | .  .  .  . 
2 | .  .  .  . 
3 | .  .  d  . 
4 | .  .  .  . 

If it matches, they stay and the loop starts again. If they don't match, they both switch back to ".".

It keeps going till the whole board is filled and the game is over!

I'm uploading the project here, and have also included what I have so far, though i do not think it is all right!

import java.util.*;

public class breitje_MatchUp{
   static Scanner input = new Scanner(System.in);
   static int i=0;
   static char[][] clearBoard = new char[4][4]; 
   static char[][] letterBoard = new char[4][4];
   public static void main(String[] args){


   public static void drawMenu(){
      System.out.println("Welcome to the Match Up game! \n");  
      System.out.println("Please select from the following: ");  
      System.out.println("1. New Game");  
      System.out.println("2. Quit");  
      int optionSelect = input.nextInt();
      while(optionSelect!=1 && optionSelect !=2){
         System.out.println("Please enter 1 (New Game) or 2(Quit)");
         optionSelect = input.nextInt();}
      if (optionSelect == 1)
         System.out.print("START GAME HERE********");
      else if (optionSelect == 2)
         System.out.println("Thanks for playing! Have a great day.");  

   public static void drawBoard(){
            for(int row1 = 0; row1 < 4; row1++) {
         System.out.println(""); // this will create a new line for each new row
         for(int col1 = 0; col1 < 4; col1++) {
          clearBoard[row1][col1]='.'; // this will print out the 4 row variable values            

      System.out.format("   %2s %2s %2s %2s \n",'A','B','C','D');
      System.out.format("   %2s %2s %2s %2s \n",'-','-','-','-');
      System.out.format("1 |%2s %2s %2s %2s \n",clearBoard[0][0],clearBoard[0][1],clearBoard[0][2],clearBoard[0][3]);
      System.out.format("2 |%2s %2s %2s %2s \n",clearBoard[1][0],clearBoard[1][1],clearBoard[1][2],clearBoard[1][3]);
      System.out.format("3 |%2s %2s %2s %2s \n",clearBoard[2][0],clearBoard[2][1],clearBoard[2][2],clearBoard[2][3]);
      System.out.format("4 |%2s %2s %2s %2s \n",clearBoard[3][0],clearBoard[3][1],clearBoard[3][2],clearBoard[3][3]);  

      System.out.println("Please enter a column (A,B,C, or D) and row (1,2,3,or 4). Ex: A3 : ");
      String userInput = input.nextLine();
      userInput = userInput.toUpperCase().trim();


I am unsure how to initialize the values of letterBoard to represent the initial random placement of the cards. How can I "deal the cards" in my Java code?

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What double array are you referring to/ –  Code-Apprentice Nov 27 '12 at 3:27
@Code-Guru in the project it requires I return a double array for the game board. I just don't know where to go from here and how to compare the userInput to the array –  Jeremy Breit Nov 27 '12 at 3:34
Let's back up a second. What exactly do you mean by a "double array"? Can you give an example? (I suspect that I am looking for something different than what you mean.) –  Code-Apprentice Nov 27 '12 at 3:38
@Code-Guru sorry for the confusion. I meant 2D array. array[4][4] –  Jeremy Breit Nov 27 '12 at 3:41
You already created two 2D arrays called clearBoard and letterBoard . Are these the arrays you are asking about? What exactly do you need to "set up"? –  Code-Apprentice Nov 27 '12 at 3:43

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There are likely several ways to do this. One possible solution is to do something like this:

for each letter from 'a' to 'h'
    pick two random locations
    if the given location is not yet used
        place the letter at the location

I have just sketched this out in pseudocode so that you can work out the details in Java on your own. Most likely you will want to write this in its own method and possible create helper methods that the primary method calls in order to perform specific tasks.

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