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I am trying to do in velocity a search in a list. I have a list of country codes that i set like this:

#set($Europe=(['ee','ja','ku','aa' ])  

I have a variable($cntryCode), already set that i want to compare with each item in the list in order to see if the country is from that region (in this case Europe, or if it is not).

I did:

#foreach ($cntryCode in $Europe)
#set ($region="Europe")

But it does not work. Also, i have tried:

#if ($Europe.contains($cntryCode)

But does not work neither.

That is my first problem, then I need to set more than one region to some countries... any idea of how to do this?

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not sure what you are exactly trying to do, but works for me is the following, i.e. iterating over the list and checking if the element is found:

## pre-set by some other code
#set($cntrCode = 'ja')

#set($Europe=(['ee','ja','ku','aa' ]) ) 

#foreach ($eu in $Europe)
    found country code $cntrCode in $Europe

$Europe in this case seems to be of type java.lang.ArrayList, so what also works is the following

    found country code $cntrCode in $Europe.class

I hope that helps you to get started, otherwise the Velocity User Guide and the other documents should also provide useful information for how to handle these kind of things in Velocity.

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