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I have a graph where the node labels are in Chinese. I want to draw it using draw_graphviz(), but when saving the image, no Chinese characters will display. They instead show as white blocks.

I just want to know how to set the font.

nx.draw_graphviz(G, font_size=6, node_size=80, font_family='serif', font_color='b', alpha=0.1)       
plt.savefig("community__large" + str(i) + ".png")  

The above is the code I am using now.

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...where all Chinese word not display instead with block white.

At first I couldn't replicate the behaviour you describe when using plt.show(), but when saving the image, the characters show up as white blocks. On my system (OS X 10.8.2, Python 2.7.3), the font SimHei seems to resolve the issue. From the matplotlib mailing list I found that the font Microsoft Yahei could work as well, but I haven't tried.

g = nx.Graph()

g.add_edge('挪威'.decode('utf8'), '瑞典'.decode('utf8'))
nx.draw_graphviz(g, font_family='SimHei', node_size=1000,

This produced the following image:

Graph with Chinese labels

Note that I got the Chinese characters from Google Translate, so I hope it's not anything offensive.

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