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It seems very simple but I think my program won't compile because I'm overwriting the $v0 register? Thanks in advance

UPDATE:nevermind got it, my order was wrong when I made the syscall for printing the sum... fixed in case anyone needs reference.

prompt1: .asciiz "\n\n Enter the first integer please:"
prompt2: .asciiz "Enter the second integer please:"
result: .asciiz "The result is:"



    #t0-to hold first integer
    #t1-to hold second integer
    #t2- used to hold the sum of t$1 and t$2

        #first number

    li $v0, 4 #syscall to print string
        la $a0, prompt1  #address of string to print

        li $v0, 5 #syscall to read an integer
        move $t0, $v0  #move the number to read into $t0

    #second number
    li $v0, 4
    la $a0, prompt2

    li $v0,5        
    move $t1,$v0

        add $t2, $t1, $t0 #compute the sum

    #print out sum of $t2
    li $v0, 4       # load syscall print int into $v0
    move $a0, $t2   #move the number to print into $a0
    li, $v0,1
    la, $a0, result


    li $v0, 10    #syscall to exit
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