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Here is my current set up

 FDMBA:EnglishStudy willentriken$ git remote -v
 origin root@devel.phor.net:~/repos/echo.git (fetch)
 origin root@devel.phor.net:~/repos/echo.git (push)

But we changed the hostname of the server from devel.phor.net to something else. Can I "repoint" my local git repository to point to this new server address without losing any of the local commits, etc. that I have?

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Yes, just use the set-url command

git remote set-url origin root@newhost:repo/echo.git

You can see the result

git remote -v
origin root@newhost:repo/echo.git (fetch)
origin root@newhost:repo/echo.git (push)
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Perfect, thank you –  Full Decent Nov 28 '12 at 23:16

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