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I am trying to import a .csv file into phpMyAdmin.

My table is formatted as follows:


The file is formatted as follows:

"86,losangeles,5'9,blue,blonde,Bartender, Cocktail"
"545,newyork,6',brown,Brown,Bartender, Cocktail"

The issue I believe I am running into is that the positions (Bartender, Cocktail etc) are to go in to the column titles and I don't have the correct formatting. Do I need to use single quotes around values with multiple commas such as:

"86,losangeles,5'9,blue,blonde,'Bartender, Cocktail'"

Also, will the apostrophes in the height section cause issues when uploading a CSV file? I've search online but no one seems to have the clear set instructions on how the CSV file is supposed to be formatted. I have tried importing this and it says success however, no values are applied to any of the fields.

File is here

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I think if your .csv file was formatted like this it would import, and the id field would autoincrement

'',86,losangeles,5'9,blue,blonde,Bartender, Cocktail
'',545,newyork,6',brown,Brown,Bartender, Cocktail
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