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I'm using ImageMagick's convert to resize some .png files, the problem is that convert seems to be writing some extra info to the .png:

EXtdate:create 2012-11-26T19:50:31-08:001

The problem is that if the source image didn't change, a new scaled down image is produced that is identical to the old one, but it has this extra time/date info and it's causing git to think all the files have changed.

Is there a way to keep convert from writing out this addition meta info so subsequent resizing won't show the files as changed is the source image didn't change?

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I found the solution to this problem was adding:

+set date:create +set date:modify

The -strip option was not removing the embedded data, but this does.

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Both +set and -strip options worked fine here. strip is a lot more aggressive, since it strips out a lot of metadata, but that can have its uses. Create date was my only issue, so +setwas enough for me –  MestreLion May 2 '13 at 22:33

You're searching for the -strip parameter, ie:

convert infile.png -resize 100x100 -strip outfile.png

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