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This is the code:

<form id="the_form" action="">ev
<!-- final pay_block -->
<div class="linea"/>
<div class="spacer"/>

the linea is overlapping the buy button, now is in the middle because there is margin-bottom: 15px aplied.


This is the site: http://tinyurl.com/cboyymm

also what I want is to display the pay button in the same position. I left space enough to product description, and I fixed a height to the diferents divs before. Is this the right thing? I want to make it in the most minimalism way. Tips are very welcome, as Im using this project to learn.

Thanks in advance. At first I was afraid of posting things here because I didn´t want to mess, and Im quite ashame Im so nob. But I found a very warm welcome. Dont want to abuse, just know why this little things happen.

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Now define min-height

#pay_block {
    min-height: 78px;  // add this line 
height:78px;  // remove this line


Line No :- 612 in this css file tienda1.css

Result is this

enter image description here

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That is the right answer. Also I found there was to height size aplied, one for the form, and another for the payblock. I still dont understand why this happened, but thanks very much to solve it and give me the tips to find it out. –  robespain Nov 27 '12 at 4:46
Your are welcome @user1836646 ...... –  Rohit Azad Nov 27 '12 at 4:47
Also is amazing how you middle-east guys are so cool with coding. Almost all the best tutorial I found, and many help, comes from middle-east people. Don´t get me wrong, is not racism, is admiration. The best tutorial I found about tabs ever is this one, the one I followed for the site: republicof3.com/how-to-create-tabs-in-html-using-jquery –  robespain Nov 27 '12 at 4:53

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