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I have a Java object that has a java.util.Date field. When I do a System.out.println() on the Date object, it prints "2012-11-03". Then when I do a gson.toJson() on the Java object, I can see that the Json representation of the Date field is "Nov 3, 2012". Then when I try to create another instance of the Java object from the Json string using gson.fromJson(), I get the following exception:

com.google.gson.JsonSyntaxException: Nov 3, 2012
    at com.google.gson.internal.bind.DateTypeAdapter.deserializeToDate(DateTypeAdapter.java:81)
    at com.google.gson.internal.bind.DateTypeAdapter.read(DateTypeAdapter.java:66)
    at com.google.gson.internal.bind.DateTypeAdapter.read(DateTypeAdapter.java:41)
    at com.google.gson.internal.bind.ReflectiveTypeAdapterFactory$1.read(ReflectiveTypeAdapterFactory.java:93)
    at com.google.gson.internal.bind.ReflectiveTypeAdapterFactory$Adapter.read(ReflectiveTypeAdapterFactory.java:172)
    at com.google.gson.Gson.fromJson(Gson.java:795)
    at com.google.gson.Gson.fromJson(Gson.java:761)
    at com.google.gson.Gson.fromJson(Gson.java:710)
    at com.google.gson.Gson.fromJson(Gson.java:682)

Why can't Gson handle its own date format?

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You have to use setDateFormat when creating gson with gsonbuilder.


Gson gson = new GsonBuilder().setDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ssZ").create();

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