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My objective is to fetch emails from a particular account and post it on sites as announcements. I have accomplished this. However there is a unique scenario where an email with additional information will appear with the same subject (subject is the title of the post). I need to fetch this and post it as an announcement too. However createAnnouncements throws an error saying that post already exists. However I can manually post two posts with same title.

I have tried a numerous things like getAnnouncements and getAllDecedents but nothing served my purpose or is coming close to it.

Is there a way bu which I can delete the old post and create the new post Or is there a way I can post messages with same title using createAnnouncements? Any help in this regard will much appreciated.

I have included a potion of my code below.

      var pageTitlePattern = /^\[.*\] \[/;
      var pageTitleArray = pageTitlePattern.exec(messageSubject);
      var pageTitle = pageTitleArray[0].substr(1,pageTitleArray[0].length - 4);

      var messageIdPattern = /\] \[.*\]$/;
      var messageIdArray = messageIdPattern.exec(messageSubject);
      var messageId = messageIdArray[0].substr(3,messageIdArray[0].length - 4);
      var postBody = formatMessage(message, false) + "<br>" + "<font color=\"#ffffff\">" + messageId + "</font>";
      var newAccouncement = postPage.createAnnouncement(pageTitle, postBody);
      var files = message.getAttachments();
      for (var k = 0; k < files.length; k++) {
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When you manually create multiple announcement posts with the same name, the Sites UI automatically makes the path for the announcement unique by appending a hyphen and an integer.

For instance, if you create two posts with the title "TestPost", you will have these pages added to your site:

I suggest you have your script perform similarly.

var pageTitlePattern = /^\[.*\] \[/;
var pageTitleArray = pageTitlePattern.exec(messageSubject);
var pageTitle = pageTitleArray[0].substr(1,pageTitleArray[0].length - 4);

// Check if this pageTitle already used
var announcements = page.getAnnouncements({ 
                                         includeDrafts: false,
                                         includeDeleted: false,
                                         search: pageTitle });
// If other announcements have already used this pageTitle,
// make ours unique by appending a hyphen and unique number
if (announcements.length > 0) {
  pageTitle += '-' + announcements.length;

The page.getAnnouncements() search is case-insensitive, and finds all announcements with the string pageTitle anywhere in the title or text. This might be more inclusive than you want. In that case, an alternative is to take over creation of your announcement's page name by using this variant of createAnnouncement().

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