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Modifying a payment module I'm not having any success changing the "payment name" that is placed in table sales_flat_order_payment in field "method". For example if payment is check, it is populated with checkmo. I've tried changing

protected $_code = '.........'; in payment.php with no success.

I'm guessing this name may need changing in multiple places?

I have researched this but any answers I can find are assuming I have the skill level to know how to duplicate or modify the extension. magento ver

more info; I'm using a Western Union payment extension as a Bpay payment extension and that field method is used to SMS payment type to me (and it would be more elegant it said what it really was!)

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It's better to have a separate payment method for this. You can duplicate some existing method, and use your custom name.

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Thanks Roman, this was EXACTLY my question, all the research I read said this "You can duplicate some existing method, and use your custom name". Where do I change the name to change this in method? –  paulus denyerat Nov 27 '12 at 22:06

Create a new payment module by duplicate one of your other payment module that closest matches what you are trying to do.

If you are trying to create a payment module for check then take a look at create a new payment method

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Thanks for your reply, I was hoping that instead of creating an entirely new module I could change the field name in one (or more places) and save building a module with (knowing my skills) many errors! –  paulus denyerat Nov 27 '12 at 22:04

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