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I have entry table Like following format in php.. The 'product' row is fetch from MySQL table. Hence it will display all list in entry page.

Date.  Product.  New stock sale 
1-1-12. Xyzzy.      6      1
1-1-12. Yyyyy.      0.      0
1-1-12. Hjjjjj.     O.      O
1-1-12.  Ddddd.     5.      2

When I add these entries to will store on my MySQL database. I don't want to add product "yyyyy and "hjjjjj" because it has no value. Both product 0 values. I dont need to add these product in my MySQL database. It should add Like below in SQL.

Date.  Product.  New stock sale 
1-1-12. Xyzzy.      6       1
1-1-12.  Ddddd.     5.      2
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Will be easier to answer if you show the code where you insert these into the database. Probably wrap in an "if" statement, but we're guessing without seeing the code. –  Robbie Nov 27 '12 at 6:31

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select  * from tableName
WHERE   `NewStock` !=0  or   `Sale` != 0
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I don't need to fetch report from database. When I entry these values , it shouldnt save SQL If newsrock and sale has 0 data –  Ganesh Jogii Nov 27 '12 at 6:17

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