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I just want to add a ToolTip for each item in a Silverlight Custom ComboBox. so when a user moves around items can see ToolTip, items in ComboBox will be of type string and the same value will be displayed as ToolTip.

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You can create a tooltip by adding a simple data template -- give the template TextBlock with the tool tip added:

            <TextBlock ToolTip="{Binding}" Text="{Binding}" />

Edit - Using Code behind

var dt = new DataTemplate();
var tb = new TextBlock();
tb.ToolTip = new Binding(".");
tb.Text = new Binding(".");
dt.VisualTree = tb;

var cb = new ComboBox();
cb.ItemTemplate = dt;
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Thanks for the reply. I have tried above solution but it doesn't work in my application. I am generating a Custom ComboBox control. Is it possible to add ToolTip in code behind? –  Nilesh Sarvaiya Nov 27 '12 at 6:56
@NileshSarvaiya Sure, I updated my answer to show the equivalent using code-behind. –  McGarnagle Nov 27 '12 at 7:25

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