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How to generate formula with spreadsheet gem as "=SUM(A2:A10)"?

How to get character sequence "AA"(for example) from column index 26.

[0,1,2,3,4,5,6] ~ %w(A B C D E F G) 
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Here's a recursive hash that will handle indexing for you:

index_hash = Hash.new {|hash,key| hash[key] = hash[key - 1].next }.merge({0 => "A"})
index_hash[26] #=> "AA"

The key here is the .next method, which when sent to a string, will return the alphabetically following string, e.g. "CD".next #=> "CE".

Could you clarify your first question?

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class Numeric
  Alph = ("A".."Z").to_a
  def alph
    s, q = "", self
    (q, r = (q - 1).divmod(26)) && s.prepend(Alph[r]) until q.zero?

(26+1).alph #=> "AA"
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