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I am new in perforce Visual Client and I am not able to figure out a very basic utility. I want to search my workspace for files which contain some specific words. I found out that at Edit --> Find in File ---> there are two options Search in: and All or part of the file name:. But where do I set the filter that I only want to search files which contain specific words? I think the Perforce Visual Client should have this basic utility somewhere but maybe I'm missing it. Kindly help me to find this option. Your help greatly appreciated.

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Perforce visual client do not contain tool for searching files with specific content. You can use command line:

p4 grep -e compile_settings //Jam/MAIN/src/... 


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And you can configure this as a custom tool if you want to launch it from P4V, using the selected directory and prompting for the search pattern. – randy-wandisco Nov 29 '12 at 4:16

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