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In my program , suppose I fix no. of users N=6 . Threshold value of SIR SIRo=6; Output generated is SIRmean=10 (suppose).

I want to make a loop so that

if SIRmean < SIRo

   disp N=6


  decrease the counter till SIRmean> SIRo
   and display the value of N for which this condition holds true.

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I can't understand what you mean, can you explain it please? –  Maroun Maroun Nov 27 '12 at 6:42
Actually i want to make a loop which should calculate the no. of users satisfying the condition. I have fixed the no. of users arbitrary to some value N=6 and also fixed the threshold value to 6. Now I want to compare my output value with threshold and if my output is less than threshold then result should display N=6 otherwise the loop should decrease the counter of no. of users and then check whether the condition is satisfied. –  Ash Nov 27 '12 at 6:49

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You can use simple for loop with downcounter and break on condition:

for k=N:-1:0
   SIRmean = calc_SIR_mean(N);
   if SIRmean < SIRo
      disp(['N=' k])

Function calc_SIR_mean should return mean value based on number of users (it is not clear from your question how you receive this value).

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