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I have two functions that receives data from two different connections, and i should close both connections after getting result from one of them.

def first():
    gevent.sleep(randint(1, 100))  # i don't know how much time it will work
    return 'foo'

def second():
    gevent.sleep(randint(1, 100))  # i don't know how much time it will work
    return 'bar'

Then i spawn each function:

lst = [gevent.spawn(first), gevent.spawn(second)]

gevent.joinall blocks current greenlet until both two greenlets from lst are ready.

gevent.joinall(lst)  # wait much time
print lst[0].get(block=False)   # -> 'foo'
print lst[1].get(block=False)   # -> 'bar'

I want to wait until eiter first or second greenlet become ready:

i_want_such_function(lst)  # returns after few seconds
print lst[0].get(block=False)  # -> 'foo' because this greenlet is ready
print lst[1].get(block=False)  # -> raised Timeout because this greenlet is not ready

How can i do it?

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You could use gevent.event.Event (or AsyncResult) and Greenlet's link() method, like this:

ready = gevent.event.Event()

def callback():

lst = [gevent.spawn(first), gevent.spawn(second)]
for g in lst:

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