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I want to replace first occurrence of specific string in the path string not all occurrence.

for eg:

set strpath=D:\Temp\Test\projects\Test
set strreplace=Test
set strpath=%strpath:%strreplace%=MyProjects%        
echo strpath = %strpath%

But it replace all occurrence like strpath = D:\Temp\MyProjects\projects\MyProjects

i need output like


Thanks in advance.

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I'm quite surprised you say the above script outputs D:\Temp\MyProjects\projects\MyProjects. On my end (WinXP) the script outputs strpath = strreplace. I needed to do the following to get it to work - and to answer your question: simply replace Temp\Test with Temp\MyProjects:

SetLocal EnableDelayedExpansion 
SET strpath=D:\Temp\Test\projects\Test
SET strreplace=Temp\Test
SET strpath=!strpath:%strreplace%=Temp\MyProjects!
ECHO strpath = %strpath%


strpath = D:\Temp\MyProjects\projects\Test
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I've made a function for your problem:

@Echo OFF
SETLOCAL Enabledelayedexpansion

:: By Elektro H@cker

set "strpath=D:\Temp\Test\projects\Test"

REM Call :REPLACE_FIRST "Variable" "word" "to replace word"
Call :REPLACE_FIRST "%strpath%" "Test" "Anything"
Echo %replaced_str%

Set "str=%~1"
Set "word_before=%~2"
Set "word_after=%~3"
Set "splited_str=%str:\= \ %"

FOR %%# in (%splited_str%) do (
    IF "%%#" EQU "!word_before!" (
        Set "replaced_str=!replaced_str!!word_after!"
        Set "word_before="
    ) ELSE (
        Set "replaced_str=!replaced_str!%%#"



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This is one of the classical examples on cheating on the solution! Of course, someone may argue that this Batch file:

@echo off
set strpath=D:\Temp\MyProjects\projects\Test
echo strpath = %strpath%

gives a right answer, and he/she would be right! Isn't it?

However, I think you want a method to replace just the first occurrence of a specific string in the path string when other parts of the path string are unknown.

The Batch file below solve your problem:

@echo off
setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
set strpath=D:\Temp\Test\projects\Test
set strreplace=Test

set resultpath=
rem Separate path string in parts, and process each one:
for %%a in (%strpath:\= %) do (
   if "%%a" equ "!strreplace!" (
      rem Replacement string found, replace it:
      set resultpath=!resultpath!MyProjects\
      rem and cancel it, so just first occurrence is replaced:
      set strreplace=
   ) else (
      set resultpath=!resultpath!%%a\
set resultpath=%resultpath:~0,-1%
echo resultpath = %resultpath%


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