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I'm writing app like System Activity in Mac. I used modified darwin.h and darwin.c from this topic. But it seems that it shows correct info only for certain fields (and some time ago it showed all correct info but only for current process - this app), for everything else it shows correct only pid, process name, group/owner. Everything else like cpu/mem/disk usage is nulled. I think it may be something with sandbox or security. Tried to move application to /Applications and setting root/wheel 755 but it's not work, still zeroed values.

Here's my output : click

Code changed in darwin.c : click, written after a lot of commented printf lines

Also there is a free apps approved in AppStore like SystemInfo (com.lymbilesoft.systeminfoliteforiphone) that shows detailed info about disk and processes, so how do it work? Tried nm-ing it's binary but did not find something useful. Can someone please help me with it?

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Can you share your code in your output? –  Huynh Inc Feb 4 at 10:45
It was long time ago since I worked on it, this is what I've found in backups. It should give correct results if you run this as root. –  user1855732 Feb 4 at 21:41
did you manage to get the cpu usage? Please reply if you managed to fix your problem. –  john Mar 26 at 12:39

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I'm not sure if this is the only problem, but it certainly is possible that your app needs to run as root for this to work correctly.

However, simply installing the app in /Applications, doing chown root.wheel, and chmod 755 will not cause it to run as root. It will still run as user mobile.

In order to get the app to run as root, see this answer

I've used this technique successfully, and if you have a jailbroken phone, you can navigate to /Applications/ and see that this launch script is how Cydia does this, too.

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Thanks for hint, but still not working - zeroed values. Anyway there's should be a way to do it like in that App Store approved app. –  user1855732 Nov 30 '12 at 5:52

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