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We are using the jQuery UI slider widget in our web application and we want to automate testing of the UI with selenium IDE. We can't find a way to move the slider with selenium's commands. Can it be done?

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You can use the dragAndDrop command to move the slider. The following worked for me:

dragAndDrop | css=.ui-slider-handle | +100,0

This moves the slider 100 pixels to the right of its current position.

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Awesome, it worked. Thanks!! –  David Thibault Aug 31 '09 at 16:01

there is only one (horrible) solution for this. You will have to interact with the slider thought its jquery api.

selenium has a runScript method where you can pass some javascript to run. Do this only as your last resort though, as this will lead you down a slippery slope

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If you have several sliders, the command to move one of them is css=#id .ui-slider-handle

Thanks to Dave for the answer!

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Just in case anyone else has this problem and needs another perspective...

I had this problem a while ago and solved it by having the slider populate a hidden field and I used that as my interface with selenium IDE. I wasn't required to verify the slider worked at all so there was no need to test it. I just wanted the value of the slider.

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