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i have implemented module based login from here by update 2 method and it works fine for me . Now there is need to access this module as different role, i implement user level access to this module as described here

i add LevelLookUp class to EWebUser. when i try to login now a CException

"CWebUser and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "isAdmin". "

displayed. it means module is still using CWebUser, but i create my own EWebUser and place it to module/components/EWebUser.php and code in module config file init method


        'errorHandler' => array(
            'errorAction' => 'bgadmin/default/error'),
        'user' => array(
            //'class' => 'CWebUser',
            'class' => 'EWebUser',
            'loginUrl' => Yii::app()->createUrl('bgadmin/default/index'),

Problem- 1.where to place LevelLookUp class 2.why module is still using CWebuser instead of EWebUser ?

RETRY------------ when i change




then it access the EwebUser but not the loginurl as i logged in but now 2 PROBLEMS 1.'expression'=>'Yii::app()->user->isAdmin()' not works but in class EwebUser it return flase. 2.when logout give error "Property "BgadminModule.user" is not defined. " logout code is


in previous case logout was working fine. Please help me .

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When you call $this->setComponents() in a module then actually you set a new component for you module so to access user component for your module you have to write the following statement

Yii::app()->getModule('bgadmin')->user->isAdmin() or Yii::app()->getModule('bgadmin')->user->id

for logout in your admin module you have call it in this way

Yii::app()->user->logout(false); This will work fine if you are using $this->setComponents() method.

If 'class' => 'EWebUser', doesn't call your class then try to change path as

'class' => 'application.modules.bgadmin.components.EWebUser',

This should work for your bgadmin module

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