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I have a table like following

Mysql table with parent ids

well,here in this table every user has a parent user,then if we select a user then its id ,children ids and children childrens ids should return as array.I need a query to get this values in rails with out using any gem.Thanx for your help:->

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class User << ActiveRecord::Base      
  def self.build_tree(reverse=false)
    g = Array.new    
    self.find(:all).each do |p|           
        if reverse
        g << [p.id,p.parent]            
        g << [p.parent,p.id]            
  def self.subordinates(man_id)
    g = self.build_tree false       
    g.map{|i| i[1] if i[0]==man_id.to_i}.compact    
  def self.superiors(user_id)
     g = self.build_tree true            
     g.map{|i| i[1] if i[0]==user_id.to_i}.compact     

When call either Superiors(parents) or Subordinates(childrends) it will gives required result
Ex:- [2,4,6,8]
If you want to get either children->childrends or parent->parents just do iterate call function either superior or subordinates until get the nil or [] array .

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You are stranding into SQL anti-pattern. Performing operations on trees constructed like that is very inefficient. I don't say, that you should use a gem for that, but consider using some smarter method of keeping this data (searching for sql tree structure should yield some meaningful results).

Query you are looking for needs two self joins:

SELECT t1.id user_ids, t2.id children_ids, t3.id children_children_ids FROM users t1 
  LEFT JOIN users t2 ON t2.parent = t1.id
  LEFT JOIN users t3 ON t3.parent = t2.id

On the other hand, if your rails models have defined self-relation, you could easily write:

user.children #=> (array of children)
user.children.flat_map(&:children) #=> (array of grandchildren)

Definition of this relation should look like:

class User << ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :children, class_name: User, foreign_key: 'parent'
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Thank you so much.but,Not even in a single query,I need a result for above situation. –  shanmuk Nov 27 '12 at 8:53
Query I provided should solve your problem, have you tried it? –  samuil Nov 27 '12 at 9:02
SELECT t1.id, t2.id, t3.id FROM table users LEFT JOIN table t2 ON t2.parent = t1.id LEFT JOIN table t3 ON t3.parent = t2.id Error in query: Syntax error near 'table users LEFT JOIN table t2 ON t2.parent = t1.id LEFT JOIN table t3 ON' at line 1 –  shanmuk Nov 27 '12 at 9:14
I got this while running :-< –  shanmuk Nov 27 '12 at 9:15
You need to change lowercase table to name of your table (I believe it's users) –  samuil Nov 27 '12 at 9:39

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