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Here is the params that I sent along with create shared link and got "Internal Server Error"

{"shared_link":{"access":"Collaborators","permissions":{"download": true}}}
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This is a case of (1) bad documentation and (2) a bad error response.

You're seeing an error because the permissions parameter can only be used with the Open and Company access types*.

On (1) we should have this documented (I just updated our documentation to reflect this). On (2) we should be returning a more descriptive error (e.g. a 400 Bad Request and a message of " doesn't work with this access type. This is also in our development pipeline) "

*If you're really curious, it doesn't work with the Collaborators type because it's expected that the permissions set by the collaboration for each user will define their shared link access. Not the most straightforward thing, I understand.

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