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How do i use collaborative filtering to find a university i want to study in? . I would like to later design a app for this . I have read papers on item based collaborative filtering but still need some guidance in how to design the application.

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One would need a (university) preference data for bunch of people to train a collaborative filtering algorithm - without such data it is not possible –  Yevgeny Dec 6 '12 at 22:28

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Collaborative filtering analyzes relationship between user and item to identify new user – item associations .Two main area of collaborative filtering technique are neighborhood methods and latent factor models. In here, i would like recommend you should use latent factor model. Latent factor models are an approach of CF that tries to explain the rating by characterizing both users and items on 20 to 100 factors inferred from the ratings patterns. And now you should research about some CF algorithms( recommend: SVD for matrix factorization) Reference for the algorithms http://www.quuxlabs.com/blog/2010/09/matrix-factorization-a-simple-tutorial-and-implementation-in-python

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