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I'm using some JSR166 classes with Java 1.6, some of which are under java.util.concurrent. I am on OSX, though I expect this to ultimately run on Linux.

If I set this environment variable I can run my project:

export MAVEN_OPTS=-Xbootclasspath/p:/Users/me/.m2/repository/org/codehaus/jsr166-mirror/jsr166/1.7.0/jsr166-1.7.0.jar

I tried following the instructions here and putting the setting in my pom.xml:


Unfortunately this gave an error about not being able to find java.lang. If I add a reference to classes.jar (apparently OSX's version of rt.jar) in the bootclasspath I can fix that error, but that just puts me back where I started:

java.lang.SecurityException: Prohibited package name: java.util.concurrent

How should I set up maven to use this argument correctly?

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You should check security manager. Unfortunately, I don't know specific on OSX. By default, the JVMuses security policies defined in the java.security and java.policy files located under the JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security folder. Check also -Djava.security.manager and –Djava.security.policy option for your JVM.

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