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I am unable to attach files stored in the database to gmail. Using sdcard it works fine but I do not want to store those files in the sdcard.

I have seen links which suggest to use a Content provider but it works only for gmail and not any other clients. http://stephendnicholas.com/archives/974

So could anybody let me know if there is any solution to attach files to gmail, email clients without storing those files in sdcard.

Thanks and Regards, Ajay

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1 Answer

Here is solution for your question posted in comments section in http://stephendnicholas.com/archives/974.

Create another file based on cache file.


File shareFile = new File(getCacheDir() + File.separator + zip_filename);
shareFile.setReadable(true, false);
shareIntent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_STREAM, Uri.fromFile(shareFile));


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