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My browser sends keep-alive async calls to the server every 20 seconds using window.setTimeout(). The problem: when alert() pops out, the AJAX calls are suspended. If the user waits a while before dismissing the popup - the server will (wrongly) close the login session.

We use alert() to popup error messages, and I can't use other methods since this is the product definition.

Any way to workaround this? Thanks

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alert() as well as prompt() all block the UI thread which means all other operations get suspended.

I suggest you use modal windows instead, like the ones in jQueryUI.

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As @JosephtheDreamer mentioned in his answer, alert, prompt and confirm will all block the UI.

If you really want to use an alert, then you could use WebWorkers. They run in a separate thread and as such are not subject to UI blocking. They have decent support, but as usual will not work in IE < 10.

This is actually quite complicated to do, so I would recommend following @JosephtheDreamer's advice and going with modal windows. They're not hard to do and will solve the problem more simply.

For more information about WebWorkers, see mdn.

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Ahh, I knew I left something out. It was the confirm(). Haven't used those for a very long time. – Joseph the Dreamer Nov 27 '12 at 9:28
I just used it today =) In my case, blocking the UI was intentional. There was a button to delete everything in the database, so I wanted to make sure the user got the message. – tjameson Nov 27 '12 at 9:28

Sorry, why can't you use something other than alert? Alerts are not very attractive or user-friendly. A simple modal window (like the jQuery UI one for example) is far better...

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try to replace default alert behaviour

window.alert = function(message) {
// put your dialog box launching code here.


or this

alert = function(foo) {
// some functionality


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