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I have a file named files, which contain


I want to replace this file by incrementing the first part of the file name. i.e 001-1-0_EDM_Queries_v2.mdb to 1002-1-0_EDM_Queries_v2.mdb. Below regular expression with perl fails to do this.

perl -e '@lines = <>;foreach $f (@lines){$n = $f; $n=~s/^(\d+)/$1+1/g; print $n}' files

It prints


How do I tell the regular expression to add +1 instead of appending?

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The replacement is normally just a string, it is not evaluated as an expression. To evaluate it, add the e modifier:

 $n =~ s/^(\d+)/$1+1/eg;
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You need change the substitution so that the replacement is an expression instead of a simple interpolated string. Do this by adding the e modifier, making it s/^(\d+)/$1+1/eg

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