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My question is simple : will Google penalize my SEO if I use DNS tools like CloudFlare ?

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No, we won't negatively impact your SEO. We actually cover the issue in a blog post here: http://blog.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-and-seo

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What about the bad sites that use your system and pollute your IP address pool making Google think the customer site is in a bad neighborhood? I have just begun looking around on this issue then stopped because it seems that sites suddenly dropping in Google SERPs has gone back to 2011 and some smart people are blaming the NS and IP addresses. I have activity recorded from CloudFlare which should not happen since it is not a subscriber block. These are either scrapers, bad bots, stealth bots, hack attempts, but not legitimate users. The statement above is not entirely true. I am sorry. –  closetnoc Jan 8 at 4:08

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