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I want to do one sql query to update a lot of models in a Django site. I want to change one char column/field to be based on the id and some text, in MySQL (which this site is), I'd do that with "UPDATE table SET blah = 'prefix'||id||'suffix'".

My first attempt of doing this in Django was:


But that tries to give MySQL a +, not a || operator.

My next attempt was to use the .extra(…) like so:


But the F(…) is unable to see the new field from the select.

Is there anyway to do this without breaking down to raw SQL?

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Nope. Django's ORM is multi db compilant. It is not shipped with custom db features such as this one.

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If I understood your question right, this might help:

blah = '%s %s %s' %(prefix, id, suffix)

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No, this solution will set the same value for all objects, the TS wanted to set unique values based on object ID. To make this solution work you need a for loop –  Igor Nov 27 '12 at 13:04

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