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I'm working partime for an company and my boss ask me to make an module for prestashop to read/write news ( only Text ) into a XML file. But i think load text form XML will be slowly. Anybody can tell me save text in XML file or Database, which better and why?? Thanks. :)

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Is it one text at once or one million texts at once? Because if its just one, using database won't improve anything. – Havenard Aug 31 '09 at 16:06

If the requeriments of news just involve text, i would prefer the Database Approach for storing, and XML as a way of transmitting data. The RDBMS are smart enough to handle text data.

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I assume that we're talking about a small number of text entries since this is a news feed for an eCommerce site.

Given that assumption, you will probably not see a performance hit either way.

One advantage of XML is that you could format the XML as an RSS feed and then use the RSS feed for other things as well.

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If you save the items to a file, there will be a lot of XML parsing and file I/O you'll need to handle yourself. If you save the individual news items in a database, the database will handle the I/O for you (probably much better than you could do yourself). If you need the news items in XML format for some reason, store them as XML in the database; most modern enterprise-class RDBMSs offer a native XML data type and some pretty good functionality for transforming the XML as needed.

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