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I am testing a opa example for REST call on Mac os X 10.8.2 + OPA 1.0.7 + node.js v0.8.14.

first, I follow the example : https://github.com/cedricss/ian-oliver-tutorials/blob/master/tutorial4.opa

Using [ CURL -d "posted data" localhost:8080/expressions ] to test post call, I found the HttpRequest.get_body() is not working, and the server is not response, but the get call is working. I commented HttpRequest.get_body() invoking, the server is working.

Then, I follow the OPA's site example:


the same problems, and invoke HttpRequest.get_form_data() is not working , to invoke HttpRequest.getURI() is working.

I don't know where is wrong, Thanks a lot.

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I confirm, it is a bug that appears in the last versions of Opa. Thanks for the report. You can watch the thread issue on https://github.com/MLstate/opalang/issues/95

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