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I'm using GAE/J and taking backup via cron.

Taking backup is possible by API (/_ah/datastore_admin/backup.create), but I could not find a way to delete backup by API.

I already tried "backup.delete", but it was not worked.

Does someone know the way to delete old backup via cron?

Thank you.

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If you go to the Datastore Admin page, select some backups, and hit delete you will see that the page it takes you to has a form on it with hidden fields. That form POSTs the backup IDs (as separate fields with the same name "backup_id") to this URL: /_ah/datastore_admin/

The backup_id's are the keys of _AE_Backup_Information entities in the datastore.

I have not tried using it yet. The form uses a XSRF token.

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