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How to set dynamic discount amount if an coupon is applied.

For this i have created a shopping cart price rule and send this promo coupon to some customers and when they purchase products from my site and applied this coupon every customers get different discount amount based on the products in their shopping cart so how i can set this dynamic discount amount ?

I have already make some research on salesrule/rule module but getting confused so please help me...

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Just for some your knowledge or someone needy finally i have found solution for my question for dynamic discount amount.

to achieve this you need to change in two methods first one is process(Mage_Sales_Model_Quote_Item_Abstract $item) under Mage_SalesRule_Model_Validator class in which you need to change the rule discount amount and set it to any dynamic calculated value like $rule->setDiscountAmount($dynamicDiscountAmount); and in the collect method just update the discount amount for display purpose in totals block

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Thanks, This is really very helpful. –  skparwal Jul 1 at 9:58

There is an extension which allows you to have one coupon code for multiple coupons. This way, you can create the following coupons:

  • On 10 products in the cart - give 10% discount
  • On 20 products in the cart - give 15% discount
  • And so on...

And afterwards give them one coupon code using this extension. So you give the customer only one coupon code, which will dynamically change the discount amount according to the number of products that the customer has in his/her cart.

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