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I'd like to use an Active Record design pattern in a few of my projects and I'd like to have the models, validation and form generation set up for me. Symfony is really nice for this, as is the framework I use in my day job.

Is Zend Framework able to do this for me, or do I have a lot of legwork to do myself to get ZF tied in with and ORM like Doctrine, then tie that in with form generation?

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to my knowledge you cant do this with just Zend Framework. Here is an article on integrating Doctrine and Zend

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Great thanks - an updated version of that post can be found here: danceric.net/2009/06/06/doctrine-orm-and-zend-framework I was hoping I wouldn't have so much legwork in getting a modular active record app built with ZF but it seems ZF leaves you on your own somewhat in regards to pulling their various components together. danceric.net/2009/06/06/doctrine-orm-and-zend-framework –  searbe Aug 31 '09 at 19:23

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