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This question is specifically about MooseX::Traits. The method apply_traits has been deprecated and it gives a warning message as follows:

apply_traits is deprecated due to being fundamentally broken. 
disable this warning with "no warnings 'MooseX::Traits'"

Can anyone explain why it is 'fundamentally broken'? It passes its own tests on that method, and it works for what I'm trying to do. Is it because it uses Moose::Meta::Role::apply()?

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I cannot tell you what you want to know, but I would advise you to find another way of doing what you want to do, just to save you a lot of work further down the road.

I attempted to use it in production, and it kept causing problems with other parts of Moose until I ripped it out again. I have forgotten specifics, but ended up talking to one of the main guys behind Moose at that time, and he was unable to help.

Apparently, the situation has not improved. I would heed the warning.

Just a bit of advice, sorry I could not answer your question.

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