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I know I am missing something.. I don't know how to fix it.

I have a Message model which has a body attribute.

the controller is located under users/messages_controller.rb

my routes

  namespace :users do
    resources :messages

which give

users_messages     GET    /users/messages(.:format)           users/messages#index
                   POST   /users/messages(.:format)           users/messages#create
new_users_message  GET    /users/messages/new(.:format)       users/messages#new
edit_users_message GET    /users/messages/:id/edit(.:format)  users/messages#edit
users_message      GET    /users/messages/:id(.:format)       users/messages#show
                   PUT    /users/messages/:id(.:format)       users/messages#update
                   DELETE /users/messages/:id(.:format)       users/messages#destroy

I created a partial which I render on users/show via

  <%= render :partial => 'users/messages/sendme' %>


<%= form_tag(users_messages_path) do %>
         <%= text_area_tag "Message" %>
         <%= submit_tag 'Submit' %>
<% end %>

but when I submit a message, and it goes to the create action in messages_controller I can't pull the id of the user from which the message was sent. The params that I get are

pry(#<Users::MessagesController>)> params
=> {"utf8"=>"Γ£ף",

The URL of the users/show is http://localhost:3000/users/24 What do I need to add so I can get the user's ID in the params?

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If you have the @user available in your form, create a hidden_field_tag inside it like this:

<%= hidden_field_tag :id, %>

Then, when you submit your form, the params[:id] would be populated as

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thanks, is there a way to do it without a hidden field? somehow from the user#show url? – Nick Ginanto Nov 27 '12 at 11:25
I don't think so. The params are always the fields of the form. – MurifoX Nov 27 '12 at 11:27

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