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We are trying to use sybase function "power" to do mathematical calculation for one of the DB columns.

The hibernate is generating power function as

pow(?, xyzo0_.AmtScale)

whereas sybase supports power function as Syntax

POWER( numeric-expression-1, numeric-expression-2 )

We have tried modifying the hibernate.dialect. Have tried

org.hibernate.dialect.SybaseASE15Dialect org.hibernate.dialect.Sybase11Dialect org.hibernate.dialect.SybaseAnywhereDialect

but all dialects generate the power function as

pow(?, xyzo0_.AmtScale).

Is this hibernate issue or are we missing something?

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Fixed this. We added custom implementation by extending the Sybase Dialect class.

In this class constructor, we have called the registerFunction to specify alternative to power function.

public class XyzDialect extends Sybase11Dialect {

XyzDialect() {

    new StandardSQLFunction("power",  FloatType.INSTANCE));


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