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We have two SVN repositories using svnserve (not Apache httpd), one onshore and another offshore.

Is it possible to create a reasonable synchronization between the two repositories? It is ok to have a Master/Slave configuration. Or are we forced to move to the more complex Apache server way of doing things? The reason I am asking is because it would cost time to change the current infrastructure.

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For one-way synchronization you can try svnsync (it comes with command-line SVN client).

I've used it for local repositories and through Apache, so likely it will work through svnserve too.


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Yes, I was planning on using svnsync. However, I remember reading that there would be some limitations using svnsync on svnserver. But I never really fully understood what the limitations are, even though I did find some information about it through google. –  user1340582 Nov 27 '12 at 11:16

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