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function below lets me auto populate Field2 with whatever values entered from Field1. Field1 is a select list.


I managed to come up with the ff. which appends the string abc.

    $("#Field2").val(this.value += "abc");

Field 1: Option1
Field 2: Option2abc

The Problem. The value on Field1 is not being saved when the form is submitted, ignoring the values entered on Field1.


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post your submit code ? – Shree Nov 27 '12 at 11:12
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If you want to save values on the Field1 on client between submitting form you can accomplish that by saving values in cookies, and restore it after form load:

cookie saving functinons:


        $("#Field2").val(this.value += "abc");
        setCookie("Field2",this.value += "abc",10);

       var Field2=getCookie("Field2");
       if (Field2!=null && Field2!=""){

Otherwise you should track values of sumited forms on server side, and write new values after form submit to fields.

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