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How can I share some data (e.g. PDF or image) from my iOS application to other apps. I mean how to invoke the modal screen when user can choose the proper app to share my data with? I cannot find any API but I am pretty sure that it exists.

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Check out icloud service – Vinay Bagale Nov 27 '12 at 11:35
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Use UIDocumentInteractionController:

UIDocumentInteractionController* docController = [[UIDocumentInteractionController alloc] init];
docController.URL = urlToFile;

Then present it

[docController presentOptionsMenuFromBarButtonItem:barBtnItem animated:YES];
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Communication between apps provides your application with an opportunity to take advantage of other application’s functionality, send and receive data between apps, and provide a rich user experience that “just works”.

Check This Tutorial iOS SDK: Working with URL Schemes May be helpful for you.

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