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Using jQuery, I can highlight a single HTML element by adding css to the element like following:

$("div:contains('simple')").css("border", "4px solid blue");

I am wondering whether I can highlight multiple elements at the same time, like

<h2>A title here</h2>
<div>Some content here</div>
<h2>A another title here</h2>
<div>Some more content here</div>

How can I highlight the first h2 together with the first div?

I know I can create a parent div to hold the elements, but the newly created div may affect the original layout, like

<p>I want to highlight <span>this</span> <strong>and this</strong></p>

I need to set the display property for the parent div according to the context, right? Is there a better way to achieve the goal?

Many thanks in advance.


Can I get a single highlight box(or other highlight effect, like background) for the two elements?

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$("h2:first, div:first").css("border", "4px solid blue") cheers! – kayen Nov 27 '12 at 11:56
See my updated answer. – FAngel Nov 27 '12 at 12:32
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You can separate different selectors with a comma:

$("div:contains('simple'), h2:contains('simple')").css("border", "4px solid blue");

Here are docs for this:

Can I get a single highlight box(or other highlight effect, like background) for the two elements?

That depends on your HTML heavily. Taking your h2/div example you can make it look like it has common border once both H2 and div have same width: CSS:

div.highlighted, h2.highlighted {
   border:4px solid blue;
div.highlighted {
    border-top:none;/*remove top border for a div*/
div.highlighted {
    border-bottom:none;/*remove bottom border for a h2*/

and than JS:

$("div:contains('simple'), h2:contains('simple')").addClass("highlighted");

In other situations you may need to do something else.

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There are a few ways to achieve this. One way would be to add classes to the first h2 and div, and use that as your selector:

$(".class-name-that-you-have-added").css("border", "4px solid blue");

A good read would be this: jQuery selectors

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