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I want to retrieve content of sample.html inside catalog folder in alfresco using restful.

From alfresco document i got the following rest url to retrieve content of a document. But i dont know exactly what is property, stor_type, store_id,id and attach.

GET /alfresco/service/api/node/content{property}/{store_type}/{store_id}/{id}?a={attach?}

It would be grateful if someone explains me the above rest url properties and provide me a example.

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Why the downvote? Although the question is quite localized, the problem is very general (that the documentation for the Alfresco REST API is very minimal and doesn't have many (any?) examples). The relevant page on the wiki has no examples for this particular API, for example (although it does explain what attach means). – DNA Nov 27 '12 at 20:48
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The CMIS Web Scripts Reference and the Repository RESTful API Reference give a little more information (but no examples).

  • property is the property of the node to follow in order to obtain the content - this will default to cm:content so can generally be omitted
  • store_type will normally be "workspace" for live application data - see this forum discussion on store types etc
  • store_id will be "SpacesStore" for normal files - see this forum discussion on other stores
  • id is the unique identifier for the node (within a given store), e.g. 986b162e-0867-4a7b-9f4f-0e3837cdc97b
  • attach - if true, force download of content as attachment (defaults to false) - I think this is to trigger "Save as..." in a browser rather than directly streaming the content?

Example GET URL (untested - and of course you'd need to use a valid host, port and id)

Together, the store_type, store_id and id form a NodeRef which uniquely identifies a node, e.g.


There are a couple of examples (though not of this exact API call) on Jeff Potts' tutorial on Curl and web scripts.

If you want to download a file by name and path (without already knowing the node ID) then you will need to use another API, as the one you are using requires you to know the node ID.

This page mentions a direct download URL that accepts a path and filename, e.g.


Depending on access controls, you may need to add the login ticket parameter to this URL, e.g. &alf_ticket=1234567890, where 1234567890 is the security ticket provided by the login URL.

Note: although I refer to the CMIS Web Scripts Reference above, see also this posting and Jira ticket that state that CMIS web script URLs are deprecated, i.e. ( /alfresco/service/cmis and /alfresco/cmis)

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Thanks a lot. Your solution worked. – aaviss Nov 28 '12 at 3:22
Just a note that the CMIS web script URLs have been deprecated because the OpenCMIS servlet now shipped in the repository webapp provides an improved experience - as noted on the forum post which you linked to. – Will Abson Nov 28 '12 at 10:39
How can i call this rest url… from javascript. Or is their any way to download it to browser local storage. – aaviss Nov 28 '12 at 11:45

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