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We have a multi-tentant rails app that very closely resembels the "from scratch" approach that Ryan Bates explains/teaches.

Authentication from scratch.

Multi-tenancy from scratch.

We have an account model that has a sub-domain attribute and uses scoping to separate the data.

around_filter :scope_current_account  


  def current_account
    if request.subdomain.present? && request.subdomain != 'www' && request.subdomain != 'ndt-staging'
      @account ||= Account.find_by_subdomain!(request.subdomain)
  helper_method :current_account

  def scope_current_account
    if request.subdomain.present? && request.subdomain != 'www' && request.subdomain != 'ndt-staging'
      Account.current_id =   
    Account.current_id = nil

The models:

has_many :users, :inverse_of => :account, :dependent => :destroy

belongs_to :account, :inverse_of => :users
default_scope { where(account_id: Account.current_id) }

My questino is: What is the best way to manage users application wide.. meaning User.scoped and User.unscoped?

The first thing that comes to mind is to add an admin_password attribute to the User model. Set the password with an environment variable, and at User/Account creation add the admin password value into a hidden field.

(the account new action also builds a user and creates a user account)

def new
  @account =[:user])

The biggest problem I see with this approach is the authentication. I would need to re-write things so that if the admin_password is correct, the normal password attribute will not be checked. If the admin_password is incorrect the password attribute will be used.

As a side note, I've looked at plugins like acts_as_tenant and devise, but would rather build these parts myself.

I could be going down the wrong path here, that is why I am asking for recommended solutions/ideas. Thank you in advance for those :)

def create
  user = User.find_by_email(params[:email].downcase)
  if user && user.authenticate(params[:password])
    sign_in user
    redirect_to welcome_path
  else[:error] = 'Invalid email/password combination' # Not quite right!
    render 'new'
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I solved this using the cancan gem, and creating an admin user in the account create action.

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