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JIRA become unresponsive when trying to use the evaluation edition of eazyBI, reaching 100% processor utilization for a really long time. Logged on to the Windows 7 VM we're using to host it and stopped the service.

It looks like it was in the middle of something and placed the .jira-home.lock file in the home directory. If I stop the JIRA service, the lock file gets deleted, but when I try to start to the process again, it gets recreated - it's then used by the JIRA process and I can't delete it!

How can I get back to a working state?

Below is the log when I try to start it.

The following plugins are required by JIRA, but have not been started: Embedded Gadgets Plugin (com.atlassian.gadgets.embedded), Gadget Dashboard Plugin (com.atlassian.gadgets.dashboard), Opensocial Plugin (com.atlassian.gadgets.opensocial), Gadget Directory Plugin (com.atlassian.gadgets.directory), Atlassian JIRA - Plugins - Gadgets Plugin (com.atlassian.jira.gadgets)

2012-11-27 12:08:33,797 main FATAL [atlassian.jira.upgrade.UpgradeLauncher] Skipping, JIRA is locked.

2012-11-27 12:08:33,797 main INFO [atlassian.jira.scheduler.JiraSchedulerLauncher] JIRA Scheduler not started: JIRA startup checklist failed.

2012-11-27 12:08:38,103 main ERROR [jira.web.dispatcher.JiraWebworkActionDispatcher]

JIRA startup failed, JIRA has been locked.

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what's your jira version? –  hsalimi Nov 27 '12 at 13:10
5.2 - Just updated today. –  sxthomson Nov 27 '12 at 13:27

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